Travel Directions

The Northwest Angle and Islands are located 60 miles North of Roseau, or Warroad through Manitoba, Canada.  The Northwest Angle and Islands are located at the Top of the Nation – or the “Chimney” of Minnesota.   Surrounded by Canada (Manitoba and Ontario), the Northwest Angle and Islands is the northernmost point in the continental United States. This unique part of the country can be reached by motoring along a winding nature filled road of tamarack, black spruce, white & red pine, cedar, and birch. If you prefer, you can fly in by sea plane, or ride in the comfort of a passenger boat.

The trip to the Northwest Angle and Islands is a 60-mile drive from Roseau or Warroad, through Canada. After 40 miles of blacktop, a picturesque gravel road winds its way to the Northwest Angle, flourishing with many species of wildlife. 

When visiting the Northwest Angle and Islands area in winter you can drive right to your destination on the mainland, fly via ski plane, sled over groomed and maintained snowmobile trails, or bombardier services, all of which are an added highlight to your vacation.

When visiting the area during the summer passenger boat services are available from the Angle Inlet mainland to various Island resorts.  Boat trips from other launch sites on Lake of the Woods (such as Warroad and Baudette) involve transit over about 40 miles of water. 

Please consult with your host resort concerning the best route to take, and for other pertinent travel information.

Crossing the Border

Because of our unique location, the minor task of clearing customs via the videophone is necessary for transit to and from the Northwest Angle.  Please stop and check in with US/Canada Customs at one of the nearest videophones (located at Jim’s Corner, by the Church, or at Young's Bay) upon arrival and departure from the Northwest Angle.   

Passports are required to pass through the US/Canadian border as of 2009.  Six forms of ID are acceptable at the border including:

US passport
US passport card
Enhance Driver’s License
NEXUS card
FAST card

For more information on border crossing go to

Click Here for Remote Border Crossing Permit applications


In order to travel to the Northwest Angle and Islands, you must travel through Manitoba, Canada for a short period of time before returning to the U.S.  This means that there are Canadian restrictions that must be followed including:

• Alcohol is limited to one case of beer or one liter of liquor per person and one carton of cigarettes per person.

• No handguns are allowed

• You may not transport live bait across the border, however you can bring crawlers in worm bedding. 

• All members of your party must possess a passport or equivalent identification

• A vaccination record for pets is required

**Effective immediately, any old DWI convictions will be accepted 10 years and over.  Please call your resort for further information.  However, any DWI convictions within the last 10 years placed on your driving record will not allow you to enter Canada.  If you are refused entry at the border CALL your host resort IMMEDIATLEY and they will help arrange alternative travel.  You may boat in from Warroad, or fly in by seaplane.

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