Sightseeing at the Northwest Angle and Islands

After you have caught your limit of fish for the day, partake in one of the many unique attractions at the Northwest Angle and Islands including:

Northern-most point in the contiguous United States
Historic Fort St. Charles
Massacre Island and Eagles Rock
Sandy beaches
Northern-most Post Office
Northern-most 9-hole golf course in the contiguous United States

Don’t miss out on the quiet beauty nature has afforded to this region including:

Wild rice
Pink Lady Slippers
Northern Lights
Wild Blueberries and Raspberries

Great Northern Minnesota Birding

The Northwest Angle has many wonderful opportunities for birding in Northern Minnesota.  Three major biomes are in confluence here, resulting in great diversity of both plant and animal life. The thousands of uninhabited islands offer a unique opportunity to bird by boat in a spectacular remote setting.   Between 250 to 300 species of birds make their homes here at one time of the year or another including:
Elusive swamp dwellers like the Connecticut warbler and great grey owl (spotted at times in summer, as well as in winter, by residents)
Busy colonial water birds on their island rookeries (including American white pelicans, cormorants, common terns, and several species of gulls)
Bald Eagle
Osprey, pileated, black-backed, and three-toed woodpeckers
Evening, pine, and rose-breasted grosbeacks
Spruce hen
Ruffed grouse

We encourage you to keep a sharp eye out while birding by boat near the more remote island beaches for the piping plover. It is estimated that more than 15% of the American white pelicans in this hemisphere nest on Lake of the Woods.

Nearby Tourist Attractions
127 Miles
Zoo, shopping, casinos, excellent ethnic restaurants, Upper and Lower Fort Garry, theatre, symphony, museums, Royal Canadian Mint, golf.
110 Miles
Lund boat factory, Mennonite Heritage Museum, golf.
Falcon Lake, Manitoba
65 Miles
Horse riding stables, golf.
62 Miles
9th best golf course in the state, Marvin Windows, casino.
62 Miles
Polaris factory, Polaris Experience Center, golf course.
106 Miles
Souvenirs, restaurants, shopping, casino, excellent museum

The Northwest Angle and Islands hosts Angle Days the first weekend of August every year. Angle Days, formerly known as the Blueberry Festival, is a celebration of community and summer fun on Lake of the Woods, Minnesota. This annual event includes a variety of family friendly events.

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